Emui 4 themes

Apple launched the iOS 13 a few days ago. Among the many upgrades that are coming to iOS this year, the feature that we are most excited is the dark mode.

After years of waiting, requesting and begging Apple is finally building in the system-wide dark mode in their UI. Google has been the native dark mode on Android for quite some time now. Although it is not available officially out of the box, there are ways to enable dark mode in the stock Android.

Also, a number of manufacturers have already started some sort of dark mode in their version of Android OS. While most of the manufacturers are now offering some sort of theming capabilities, Huawei did it before it was cool.

In EMUI, almost every nook and corner of the user interface is themeable. Take a look at how good it looks:. Your mileage may vary. If you run into any issues, do let us know and we will try to help you out! Do let us know if you run into any issues!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Updated on 23 May by Vishnu. Article Contents. Read more.Android P comes with a new UI. The latest version of Android, Android P, comes with a lot of new features.

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Google has also completely revamped the look and feel of the entire UI. Remember what we have seen in Fuchsia OS? The design of Android P is quite similar to that. There are a lot of rounded corners and everything has a white background. If the reports are to be believed, Android P Developer Preview is buttery smooth.

While some users are not so fond of the latest UI changes, many are already loving it. It has been quite a while since Google has made a complete overhaul of how the stock Android looks. Last big visual update we saw was during Android Lollipop where the material design came into existence.

Since then, the visual changes have been very minimal.

emui 4 themes

All the updates were more on the functionality of the OS. Android P changes all that. People who love black backgrounds are going to hate this update. The notification shade is completely revamped. Settings now have colorful icons. Personally, I love the UI changes. The folder background is dark too. Also please check the battery colors. Thanks for the detailed feedback steve. Thanks for taking the time out for doing this.

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Appreciate it!Compatible with your Android or Apple phone regardless of the brand. You don't need Wi-Fi or data stream, just scan the QR code or connect a local hotspot of the new phone.

Safely store your photos, videos, contacts, notes, and other important information. Download and stream your favorite songs.

emui 4 themes

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Download Android P EMUI Theme for EMUI 5 and EMUI 8

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EMUI Now, you can optimize multi-screen collaboration to further improve your productivity, interact in new ways with your surrounding devices, and connect all your devices together with an exciting new ecosystem. Bring more productivity and excitement to your everyday life. High-quality Communication Wherever, Whenever. MeeTime connects you with your family and friends at anytime and anywhere with high quality video calls, even in low-light or poor network conditions.This looks great, but how download it?

Yo sigo sin poder descargarlo, se me abre con google le doy a descargar y me sale el archivo abierto directamente. Por favor ayuden me. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

emui 4 themes

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Suggested Apps. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android.

XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! An early build of LineageOS October 7, Thanks Meter : Can't wait for EMUI 5? Then this theme is just right for you! Please note the white navigation bar won't effect material design apps, except for google chrome. In older apps holo designed apps and in remote control app it will be white. No icon requests for this theme! It's not compatible with devices with EMUI 3. It could be work, but i will not support it officially.

It would be very usefull if you report bugs, please with note of your corresponding device. If you wan't to use some elements in your theme, feel free to send me a request! I put a lot of work in this theme and also spend a lot time on this, so don't steal it! Known bugs: - Power usage details are white and unreadable this is the worst bug - The text under profile picture in huawei ID app has the same color as the background - Tabs shifts in landscape mode, this can not be fixed.

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If someone is able to decompile phone manager app and send me the colors.Hello dude, i like your themes, i just wanted to ask what does the battery saver icon do? I couldnt figure out what it is. Do you know how will be the battery if on emui 5 you active the battery saver? The battery idon will change and I made a theme like that feature. Oh rly? The quality of battery saver theme is not the best because the grey color on emui 5 is traslucent.

I m sorry. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. DarkJoker OP Dec DarkJoker OP Apr DarkJoker OP Jan Something special is coming on October 27th… October 9, These are the Best Chromebooks you can buy right now! October 7, An early build of LineageOS Thanks Meter : 3, Login to Follow Project.

Hi guys Emui 8. This is a testing version! Emui 8. Emui 5. Attached Thumbnails. Join Date: Joined: Oct Reserved -I suggest you to decrease of 20 dpi for a better emui 8 experience -Emui 5. New Emui 8. Changelog Code:. Thanks Meter : Join Date: Joined: Feb Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 7 1 2 3 Last.We tacked on a few days at the end in Reykjavik, and had the chance to soak in the Blue Lagoon for a day, as well as see "How To Become Icelandic In 60 Minutes" at The HARPA (gorgeous national performing space on the harbor in Reykjavik).

Download Huawei P9 Stock Themes For Emui 4.1 and Emui 4.0

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Download the latest Huawei Themes APK []

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