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Egba Akeotherwise known as Egba Alakeis one of the five sections of Egbalandthe others being Oke-Ona, Gbagurathe Owu and Ibara historically, Ibara is part of Yewa, not Egba, although it is located in the present day Abeokuta geographically. The Egba Ake section is seen by traditionalists as Abeokuta's aristocracy due to the fact that its principal noblementhe Omo-Iya-Marun, serve as the kingmakers of the Alake, who must himself also come from this section.

The Egba people's original homeland in the Egba forest was established by Yoruba migrants from elsewhere. According to The History of the Yorubas by Samuel JohnsonEso Ikoyi chiefs in the retinue of the first Alake of the Egba joined him in founding a new community - the confederacy of towns that became known as Orile Egba - in the forest after they left the nascent Oyo empire in around the 13th century AD.

As a result, many of the leading families of the Egba Ake claim descent from the Eso Ikoyis today. Abeokuta was founded as a replacement for Orile Egba in around by the Egbas after the collapse of the Oyo empire during the civil war. The city was founded because of its strong defensive physical position by refugees trying to protect themselves against slave raiders from Dahomeywho were trying to benefit from the war.

Chief Shodeke, the first paramount chief of Abeokuta and the rest of Egbaland, was a member of the Egba Ake section. Using oral traditions of the Alake's claim to membership of Oduduwa 's family being superior to that of any of the other Egba kings to cement the section's position, he is said to have allocated the tracts of land that each of the junior sections settled upon following their arrival in the city.

The Egba Ake have been the traditional landowners of Egbaland ever since this event. InAbeokuta was involved in war with the people of Ijebu Remo, and in with the Ibadan people.

On 18 Januarya treaty was signed with the governor and commander-in-chief of the British Lagos Colony for the purpose of trade; the British recognized Egbaland as an independent state.

Inthe Egba United Government was formed. Inan agreement was made where the British assumed jurisdiction in certain legal cases, and in the same year, the Alake Gbadebo paid a state visit to England. Over the following years, the British steadily assumed more responsibility for administration while continuing to formally recognize the Egba state.

Inas a result of agitation by the women's rights leader Chief Funmilayo Ransome Kutithe Alake Ladapo Ademola was forced to abdicate. He later returned to the throne. Rulers of the Egba in Abeokuta, who took the title "Alake" inwere: [8].

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Egba Alake.The Egba are ancient freedom-fighters, highly intellectual, artistic and agriculturalist Yoruboid-speaking people that forms the sub-set of the larger Yoruba ethnic group of West Africa, particularly in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin. Egba people of Ogun StateEgba people who are the original founders of the city of Abeokuta which they share with Owu people later arrivalshad an opportunity of their land also settled on by missionaries in the s by Sierra Leone Creole Saro, who were Nigerians and others Africans descendants repatriated from diaspora back to Sierra Leone who later became prominent as missionaries and as businessmen.

In the battle at Abeokuta in ,the Egbas were aided by the missionaries and also armed by the British. Another Dahomey attack was repulsed in Troubles in the s with the British in Lagos led the Egbas to close the trade routes to the coast and they expelled its missionaries and European traders at about Egba people are direct descendants of Orafiyan, son and successor of Oduduwa, the progenitor of Yoruba people.

They were under a federation of three groups-Ake, Okeona and Gbagura scattered over towns and including the modern city of Ibadan, Oyo and Ijaye. Egba people were parts of the famous pre-colonial African Oyo empire Kingdom in Nigeria.

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Up until the 18th Century, the Egba people lived in a cluster of villages around a place known as Orile-Itoko, as a subject territory of the old Oyo Empire, which was one of the strongest empires that ever existed in West Africa. Just like the Roman Empire, the Oyo empire was so strong that it easily quelled any form of uprising or rebellion from any of its subject-states.

The very point the oracle asked them to relocate to. That is to say, they have no king that rules. The king is acknowledged as the head of the government, but only as a figure head. More marked was this when they lived in separate townships before their concentration at Abeokuta.

The same rule holds good even at Abeokuta for each township. Amongst the highest Ogboni titles are : —. The warriors rank next after the Ogbonis, the Balogun and the Seriki being the most important. The Egbas have been significant members of ruling political parties, music, art, feminism advocacy, freedom and democracy and at the forefront of Human Rights campaigns. In fact, they have contributed significantly to the political development of Nigeria and the world.

Abiola, was a popular Nigerian Yoruba businessman, publisher, politician and aristocrat of the Yoruba Egba clan. He ran for the presidency inand is widely regarded as the presumed winner of the inconclusive election since no official final results were announced.Oriki Ebo Ifa. Ajoji kan o gbo wo. Ogbomoso ni mi: Ogbomoso Ogbomojugun, Ogbomoso omo afo'bo ja, Ibi won gbe n jeka ki won to muko yangan.

Dance to the drum. Well its nice knowing more about oriki.

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Uyin logun Uyin lota. Be denu oko e sinmi, be denu oko e sinmi ogun o ja ja ko ko Ogbomoso ri be denu oko e sinmi.

Shop the latest trends with shipping worldwide. It was one of the war weapons of the Owus during their war-like days. This work is for practicing Babalwo and Orisa practitioners around the world who are in need of knowledge on; what is Egbe, Feeding of Egbe, And Egbe initiation and any other things relate to it.

Apart from the twins series, other children born in Yoruba land in peculiar circumstances or ways are given pre-destined names too. It extends from 6. Enviado por. Eni ti o je Akarigbo Remo lowolowo ni Oba M. Some claimed that in his 11 years in Epe, he never had a house of his own, while others think otherwise.

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Okan lara awon gbajugbaja omo Sagamu ni Adebayo Ogunlesi. Divine Messenger speak with power.

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We also stock spices from the eastern part of Nigeria like ugba, uziza seeds, dried abacha, ogiri, pepper and banga soup spices and ingredients for a wide range of local delicacies.

Iro konsonanti Consonant sounds. Oriki Asa ati Owe It's great to see someone who's also from Epe on the forum. The first set of Ofen people to come from their homestead to the new settlement came in Oriki is the praise poetry and invocations of the Yoruba people. Asa kan Pataki ti awa omo Yoruba ngbe sonu bayi ni asa oriki. Kika iwe asayan ijoba kan Reading a recommended text. Ngba ogbomoso ba se o n ti o se tan. Sir, I don't understand Yoruba like that. According to the Yoruba historian Samuel Johnson, the oriki is an attributive descriptive, one that expresses what a child is or what he or she is hoped to become.

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Omo oriire d'ade.The story of Abeokuta, the abode of the Egbas and Owusstarted with their liberation from the sovereignty of the Alafin of Oyo Empire, to which the Egbas had belonged. The Liberation took place between andunder the leadership of Lisabi, a resident of Igbehin who was born in Itoku.

Lisabi later used the society to free the Egba by organizing the simultaneous killing of the Ajeles or Ilaris in all Egba settlements instarting from Igbehin. In all, more than llaris or Ajeles were wiped out in one day. Ilaris were the representatives of the Alafin of Oyo and collectors of the tributes paid to the Alafin from all territories under the dominion of Oyo Empire. The Ajeles or Ilaris generally behaved like an Army of Occupation in the places they administered.

Their tyrannical rules marked them out as instruments for the oppression and suppression of the people. It was this authoritarian rule of the Alafin and reckless lifestyle of the Ilaris in Egbaland that resolved Lisabi and his peers to bring an end to the evil.

The adoption of the universally popular Aaro system of cooperative by the Egbe Ologun Arms Bearers Club of Lisabi was the strategy he used to plot against the Ilaris in his Igbehin town. All the other Egba towns rose and killed the Ilaris in their midst in an almost simultaneous coordination! As soon as the news reached metropolitan Oyo the Alaafin wasted no time in dispatching an Army to crush the Egba rebellion.

This was already anticipated in the Lisabi plan and the Oyo army of vengeance was routed and the freedom of the Egbas established. This episode occurred between and in the Egba forest. This unity and cooperation among the numerous Egba forest settlements was very short lived, their lack of cooperation and unified direction later resulting in their being completely routed at the advent of the Yoruba Wars triggered at Apomu market near Orile Owu.

The Egbas had heard about Abeokuta in their quest for a place to settle in. They sent Chief Sobookun, the Baamokun of Ilugun, and others to bring a handful of earth from there for divination, and the result was propitious. Later, Olufakun led Owu to Abeokuta, while others soon followed.

An Itoko chief named Idowu Liperu had earlier been living at the settlement.

Oriki of the Egbas - one of the Tribes in Nigeria

He had crossed the Ogun River and settled on a farmland where three hunters by name Jibulu, Ose and Olunle joined him. Unlike, Liperu who erected a house with the assistance of the then Olubara Lafa the three hunters lodged in caves under the Olumo Rock. They had earlier assisted Sobookun to retrieve the soil samples from around the Olumo Rock.

Later, Adagba and others moved to the rock to join Liperu and the three hunters, who had settled there.

Adagba was a brave man who had his farmland located very close to the rock. The settlement was called Oko Adagba, the initial name of Abeokuta. Between and the turn of the century, the settlers in Abeokuta were forced to fight several wars mostly for the survival of the emerging settlement. Inthe Ijebu Remo people provoked the new settlers into taking arms against several Ijebu Remo towns in the Owiwi war.

Inthe settlers took the offensive against the Ota people in order to ensure free movement through Ota territory on their route to Lagos for firearms.

oriki egba mp3

This led to another war in when they attacked Ado under the Owu war general, Gbalefa, for assisting the Ota people two years earlier. The same year, the Dahomeans, under King Gezo, invaded Abeokuta but were repulsed. InAbeokuta attacked Ibarapa for waylaying the Egba in their territory.The city was founded because of its strong defensive physical position by refugees trying to protect themselves against slave raiders from Dahomey, who were trying to benefit from the war.

Oriki Ake l'Abeokuta. Paljud egbad elavad Oguni osariigi pealinnas Abeokutas. Later Olufakun led the Owu to Abeokuta, while others followed. Yoruba Oriki names are names Yoruba people give to their children for symbolic reasons. Abeokuta was founded as a replacement for Orile Egba in around by the Egbas after the collapse of the Oyo empire during the civil war.

Kui Oyo riik Continue reading to find out more about Oriki. Oriki ijebu lyrics. In Oba Akintoye of Lagos was dethroned. They are a group of people domiciled in Ogun State, precisely Abeokuta.

Who Are The Egbas??. Modern Abeokuta is an agricultural trade centre rice, yams, cassava, corn [maize], palm oil and kernels, cotton, fruits, vegetables and an exporting point for cocoa, palm produce, fruits, and kola nuts. The edition which I was privileged to attend was organized as lecture with the theme: Self- Government: The foundation of Yoruba demand for Internal Self- Government succinctly delivered by Prof.

oriki egba mp3

Located on the former trade route from the towns of the empire of Oyo to the port of Porto-Novo now the capital of Benin40 miles 64 km southwest, it was established by the late 18th century as the capital and chief trade centre of the Egbado people a subgroup of the Yoruba.

The Egba people are a subgroup of the Yoruba people, an ethnic group of western Nigeria, a majority of whom are from the central part of Ogun State that is Ogun Central Senatorial District.

Obasanjo na daga cikin manyan bakin da suka halarci bukin murnar cikar sarkin shekara daya akan karar mulki, a garin Abeokuta, a ranar Talata. Another reference name for Abeokuta by the founding fathers is Oko Adagba Adagba's Farm in reference to the hunter that discovered Olumo Rock. Micheal Primary School, itoko Abeokuta then proceeded to the defunct Anglican secondary Modern school in Ibara, Abeokuta before her training as a professional teacher having attended the famous Ansarudeen Teacher Training College Ota between to Principalmente para Yemoja.

Omo ajo gberu ma majo gbeko nitori eru nii sini, eko kii sin'yan. By the advent also of the white men from the coast, the centre of light and civilization has removed to the south, so that the. Ilaro town, western Ogun state, southwestern Nigeria.

Egba Anthem

Oba Bakare ya karbi sandar girma daga hannun tsohon gwamnan jihar Ogun, Ibikunle Amosun, a ranar 21 ga watan Mayu,a matsayin Sarkin Gbagura na 9, a masarautar Egabaland. Daddy, I stand with you and I pray you live abovea wish you expressed in Abeokuta last Tuesday during the first coronation anniversary of the Agura of Gbagura, Oba Sabur Bakare. InAbeokuta attacked Ibarapa for waylaying the Egba in their territory.

The departure of the Egba to their new home in Abeokuta left the Oyo and Ife groups as the two leading groups in Ibadan.Oriki Gbagura Abeokuta. Lamodi lost is wife in an epic battle while trying to prevent his first son, Osota, from being captured by Maye's army, who were pursuing the Egba. Later Olufakun led the Owu to Abeokuta, while others followed. It is worthy to note that besides being one of the four major ethnic groups in Ogun State, they are also one of the […].

Ara ake majo, majo jo lofa, jojo lofa gbogbo dindin eni. Continue reading to find out more about Oriki. By the advent also of the white men from the coast, the centre of light and civilization has removed to the south, so that the. As the population of the Egbas increased and Abeokuta expanded, the people became strengthened and were able to withstand the attacks of the Ijebus, Oyos and Ibadans.

The city was founded because of its strong defensive physical position by refugees trying to protect themselves against slave raiders from Dahomey, who were trying to benefit from the war.

oriki egba mp3

The question of who are the Ogboni of Egbaland is one of the major controversial issues which in fact call for deliberation. Please note that the term Egbaland is a convenient term that means Egba and Owu. The Egba people are a subgroup of the Yoruba people, an ethnic group of western Nigeria, a majority of whom are from the central part of Ogun State that is Ogun Central Senatorial District.

These were under the Alake as chief. Condado de Yemoja em Gbagura em Abeokuta. The Egba groups left Ibadan in to found Abeokuta as a result of a major fight between them and the Ife groups in Ibadan.

The Egba tribe is a sub-ethnic group of one of the major tribes in Nigeria - the Yoruba tribe. In Oba Akintoye of Lagos was dethroned. Ilaro town, western Ogun state, southwestern Nigeria. Gbagura has two ruling houses namely Egiri and Jiboso ruling houses. The religion was introduced at a period when Yorubaland was boiling with civil war, hence, the slow spread of Christianity.

He was the Bada Musulumi of Gbagura Egba. Asa, one of the female children of Awujale Oba Jadiara Agbolaganju, with her husband, went to Abeokuta and established a new domain, now known as Igbore. The official title of the King of Gbagura is Agura of Gbagura. Oriki ijebu lyrics.Page 145 - Line 2 - 7th and 19th characters transposed. Page 190 - Whole line of numbers omitted betwen 6th and 7th lines.

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